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Considered the secret behind Hollywood’s most flawless faces, expert esthetician Shani Darden sets herself apart with her results-oriented approach to skin care. Her passion for simple, yet effective solutions has earned her clients’ trust and respect in a town where beauty, health, and wellness standards are high.

Shani began her career as a licensed esthetician alongside distinguished dermatologist Dr. Erma Benitez, known for her in-depth clinical assessments of severe acne and ability to put patients on a pathway to recovery. In this environment, Shani gained extensive knowledge of acne and other extreme skin conditions that serves as the foundation for her uniquely transformational methods.

Next, Shani advanced in the luxurious spas and reputable clinics of Los Angeles with tenures at Argyle Salon and Spa, Le Spa by Sofitel, and Kinara Skin Care Clinic. These experiences honed Shani’s understanding of active ingredients in both professional and retail products, inspiring her to incorporate anti-aging and “above-maintenance” procedures within the scope of her treatments. Here, she also developed her straightforward but caring style of communication that’s now the hallmark of the exceptional customer service her clients know and love.

In 2013, Shani launched her eponymous skin care line exclusive to shanidarden.com and specialty boutiques. Drawing from years of clinical expertise and training in the latest skin care innovations, Shani first developed Retinol Reform with real people in mind. Created as a simple, elegant, and versatile product for different skin types, which provides the benefits of retinol without the drawbacks, it’s no wonder this serum quickly became a cult classic. Shani then expanded upon this philosophy, formulating new transformational skin care products that are easy to use and deliver attainable results.

Shani’s ability to treat a wide range of skin care conditions — from acne and rosacea to pigmentation, sun damage, and aging skin — while enhancing existing looks makes her an invaluable asset to her clients. Her custom treatments, coupled with her home care regimen, keep clients looking flawless and coming back for years.


“After I had my baby, my skin just turned weird with the hormonal changes. I went to see a facialist my friend Jen Atkin recommended—and Jessica Alba loves too—Shani Darden. She literally fixed my face in a day… I felt like overnight everything changed on my skin. I feel balanced again.“


“[My biggest beauty secret] is a facial with Shani Darden… Every pore is clean. The best part is there’s no downtime — you leave totally glowing.“


"I was very lucky to meet an amazing lady called Shani Darden who really changed my skin… My skin is just night and day. She has a great retinol that I use, and I try to see her if I can when I’m in LA."


"My facialist in LA, Shani Darden, put me on this regimen that has transformed my skin... Twice a week I use Retinol Reform at night to clear out my pores - and I feel it tightens everything."


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