Acne, Blemish, and Breakout Products for All Skin Types and Areas

Acne, Blemish, and Breakout Products for All Skin Types and Areas

If you have breakouts, getting rid of them is probably pretty high up there on your list of complexion to-dos. Finding the right acne products for your skin type — let alone finding acne products that work on the more delicate skin of your face — can be challenging.

“Understanding your skin type can help you choose products that will be most effective!” 

  • Shani Darden, Esthetician

So let’s make it a little easier. I’ll talk a little bit about acne in general, how it affects different skin types, how it differs from the occasional breakout, and how you can create a breakout-reducing skincare routine.

Are Acne and Breakouts the Same?

While just about everybody will get pimples on occasion, not everybody has acne, although it is extremely common — an estimated 9.4% of people struggle with stubborn acne worldwide. 

It’s also the most common skin condition in the United States, so if you’re dealing with it, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

The main difference between a normal breakout and acne is the root cause of the breakout. For instance, acne is mainly caused by recurring or persistent bacteria, while occasional breakouts can simply be caused by a buildup of dirt or grime in your pores. 

What Causes Acne?

Bacteria strains like P. acnes can get into your pores and cause irritation. These bacteria feed off of your skin’s natural oils, which is why those with oily skin tend to also be more prone to acne. While clogged pores alone don’t always cause acne, they can definitely contribute to the problem.

Your skin has many, many pores — which makes the odds that they’ll get clogged from time to time pretty high. There are a variety of things that can clog your pores, ranging from excess oil and dirt to a buildup of dead skin cells and leftover residue from makeup and sunscreen.

Acne can also be triggered by shifts in your hormones. That’s why acne is more common in teenagers than adults, although it’s possible to experience acne at any point in your life. 

Although acne breakouts themselves aren’t inherently dangerous, depending on the type of acne you have, they can be quite painful. 

How Can I Address Blemishes?

It’s worth a visit to a board-certified dermatologist if you’re dealing with stubborn or uncomfortable acne. There’s no magical, instant cure for acne, but your dermatologist can work with you to come up with the best treatment plan for your skin. They may recommend an acne spot treatment or a prescription medication.

When it comes to occasional blemishes, there are some over-the-counter products out there that can help address these breakouts — but not acne. If you’re dealing with acne, it is always best to get your doctor’s advice.

Why Does Your Skin Type Matter?

Different skincare products and ingredients work better for different skin types. So knowing your skin type is always important when thinking about your skincare routine so you can choose accordingly. 

Additionally, people with oily skin are generally more prone to breakouts than others because of the excess sebum. You’ll always want to tread carefully if you have sensitive skin, as some breakout-fighting products can be pretty tough on your skin and may end up causing more problems than they solve.

In short: knowing your skin type is crucial when it comes to choosing skincare products. There are, however, some products and tips for a blemish-fighting skincare routine that can work across the board.

If you’re seeking a skincare routine to combat blemishes and breakouts, I have you covered!

What’s a Good Skincare Routine for Breakouts and Blemishes?

If soothing breakouts is your number one concern when it comes to your skin, then it’s important to be sure all of your skincare products are working for you. Let’s walk through a simple blemish-busting skincare routine that’s good for all skin types and areas!


What’s better than a pore-cleansing face wash? What about a Cleansing Serum that melts away makeup and pore-clogging impurities while delivering essential nutrients to help hydrate, restore, and soothe skin?

My cleanser is effective at cleaning out your pores and keeping your skin clear without stripping your skin of necessary moisture. No matter what your skin type is, a cleanser that is too harsh can deliver a world of hurt to your skin by drying it out. 

Dehydrated skin occurs when there’s damage to your skin’s moisture barrier — and an unhealthy skin barrier can make your skin vulnerable to infection and blemish-causing bacteria, leading to more blemishes.


This product takes a standard skincare routine step and combines it with another to create the perfect product to help you say goodbye to your blemishes. My Sake Toning Essence is an essence and a toner all in one, and it’s the perfect topical step to follow up on your cleanser.

This 2-in-1 mattifying and brightening treatment helps to deliver a softer, more radiant skin tone while minimizing the appearance of your pores. If you have oily skin or blackheads that emphasize your pores in a less-than-flattering way, this alcohol-free formula is enriched with niacinamide to help minimize their appearance and support balanced sebum production for a clean, shine-free palate to start your skincare routine.


While there isn’t really a limit on the number of serums you can use in your routine as long as you’re layering them properly, if you’re struggling with blemishes, it’s best to keep your routine simple while you help your skin find its balance once again. It’s best to either stick with one serum that’s targeted at your breakouts or layer an oil-controlling serum with a spot treatment.

If you are going to use more than one, be sure to cycle them so that you’re not layering too many potentially drying active ingredients on top of one another and making matters worse. You could also use two different serums at opposite ends of your routine.

We recommend going with serums that have exfoliating properties. This means ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid or citric acid, beta hydroxy acids like salicylic acid, or even retinoids like retinol. Chemical exfoliation can help to support proper cell turnover, which enables old, dead skin cells to be sloughed away rather than letting them build up on your face and in your pores, leading to breakouts.

My Lactic Acid Serum is a powerful yet gentle option that works for all skin types because it isn’t just a chemical exfoliant — it also includes an exclusive Soothing Complex to help calm your skin and minimize potential irritation. In addition to helping to fight breakouts, it can also address post-breakout dark spots by evening out skin tone over time.


If you struggle with excess oil, you’re going to want to seek out an oil-free moisturizer to minimize the potential for clogged pores, leading to whiteheads and other frustrating blemishes. If your skin does go overboard in the oil production department, you may be thinking you don’t need a moisturizer at all — but that’s just not true. Whether you have dry skin or too much sebum, moisturizing is a key part of keeping your skin balanced and healthy.

My Weightless Oil-Free Moisturizer is a hydrating yet nourishing hydrator for blemish-prone skin. Powered by heavy-hitting hydrators like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and red algae that deliver weightless moisture without clogging pores or instigating breakouts, this moisturizer is the holy grail of blemish products. 


Again, you may be tempted to skip this step if you have oily skin — but don’t! Sunscreen is so important, and you should be applying it daily, even if it doesn’t seem very bright outside. Wearing SPF regularly can help prevent visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, minimize dark spots that come with age, and all around keep your skin happy and healthy.

In Conclusion

Resolving breakouts can feel like a never-ending battle. Once one round of pimples and pustules is handled, you spend all your time bracing yourself for the next round. But with the right skincare routine and products that work properly with your skin type, you can help prepare your skin to be its best, brightest, most even self — and bid breakouts goodbye!


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