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iS Clinical

Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque


I recommend this mask to my clients who need lighter exfoliation or are pregnant or nursing. The combination of exfoliants helps dissolve dead skin while brightening and smoothing the skin." 

Formulated with salicylic acid, powerful botanical enzymes, and eco-friendly micro-beads, this mask is an ideal combination of physical and chemical exfoliants. This transformative mask helps smooth, brighten, and soften your skin. 

Size: 4 oz / 120ml

Please Note: This product is only available to ship within the United States at this time.

Retinol Reform

Complimentary Retinol Reform & Intensive Eye Cream Minis w/ any $150 order.


How to Use

Apply once a week in the evening after cleansing. Moisten face with water then apply a thin, even layer; gently rub in a circular motion and let sit. Leave mask on for up to 5 minutes to allow enzymes to function. A gentle warming sensation may occur due to micro-circulation. Rinse with cool water and immediately pat dry.

Formulated Without

  • Parabens

Key Ingredients

1.5% Salicylic Acid

Exfoliates the skin and deep-cleans pores.

Papaya Enzymes

Dissolves dead skin cells for gentle but powerful exfoliation.

1.0% Copper PCA

Helps firm skin and regulate sebum production. Helps stimulate collagen synthesis.


If you're pregnant or nursing, you want to stick to ingredients that are non-systemic. Traditional Retinol, AHAs/BHAs and lactic acid-based formulas are usually off limits, which is why I recommended iS Clinical products during pregnancy.